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Magnetic Contactor (MCTT)

Color Indicator for the Operation

Electromagnet resistant to voltage fluctuations

The contactors maintain stable conducting performance even when the power supply voltage drops when started under load.

Electromagnet Resistant to Voltage Fluctuations

New C-Series line-up (65A to 800A frame)

* International standards approval. Conform IEC, BS, DIN and VDE standard (H65C to H800C). Adapt to CE-Marking (H65C to H125C)
* Applicable to use for crane and hoist due to shorten breaking time of contactors.

Color indicator for the operation

New color - indicators enable certain discrimination of moving

Color of Indicator changes from green to red after the contactor is closed.(H65C - H800C)
Thermal overload relays
Color of indicator changes from black to yellow if the thermal overload relay (All models) was tripped.

High Safety

Preventive mechanism of careless operation

Contactors Thermal overload relays
Sequence check rod will be operated when the indicator is opened. (H65C - H800C)

"Cover" prevents the touch to release test lever. (All models)

Free arc space

Phase separator

Additional phase separator. (H80C - H800C)
Phase separators will be attached to the contactor.

Mechanical interlock

(Reversible type: HS series and over H65C)
Mechanical interlock is also attached to reversible contactor.

Safety covers (option)

HS series
Easy attachment. (H65C - H800C)
Live parts will be covered by safety cover, and it improves safety.

High Reliability

High reliability

Highly reliable contacts enable direct connection to the electronic circuits.
Auxiliary contacts of contactors.
Rolling twin contacts assure high contact reliability. (All models)

Electromagnet Resistant to Voltage Fluctuations

Signal contacts of thermal overload relays

Signal contacts of thermal overload relay are 1NO 1NC (All models).

Electromagnet Resistant to Voltage Fluctuations

Auxiliary contact block

(HS8 – HS50: Side on & Head on) (H65C - H400C: Head on)

Coil surge absorber

Coil surge absorber will be installed by "Single Snap Action" (H8C - H125C), and H150C and above, it is constructed in coil assembly.

Color indicator for the operation

Easy Maintenance and Inspection

Easy maintenance and inspection

Quick contact inspection
Access to contacts is done by unfastening two screws and removing the cover.
Easy contact replacement
Contact can be removed / replaced by single snap action without taking off the contact spring.
(H80C - H400C)
Electromagnet Resistant to Voltage Fluctuations

Easy wiring

Adoption of washer-based self-up screw.
Main terminal screw: up to HS50.
Operation terminal screw: all models.
Flat terminals built-in rugged studs facilitate connection of wires with a single spanner.
(H100C - H600C) )

Din rail mounting mechanism

HS8 - HS50 are available DIN rail mounting.

Front indication of nameplate

Type and Model

Non-reversible type
8-50 frame 30A-4000A frame
Reversible type
10-50 frame 65C-800C frame
Without enclosure
8-50 frame 65C-600C frame 10-50 frame 65C-600C frame
With enclosure
10-50 frame 65C-600C frame 10-50 frame 65C-600C frame
Contactor relays 4 contact
AC operate DC operate
DC operated electromagnetic contactors
10-50 frame 65C-600C frame
Latched electromagnetic contactors
10-50 frame 65C-600C frame
Heavy load electromagnetic contactors
10-20 frame 30N-200N frame