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Hitachi Industrial Technology (Thailand), ltd.

Vortex Blower

This is Hitachi Vortex Blower

Hitachi industrial vortex blowers compliment an array of product applications for energy efficient air compression and vacuum. Our vortex blowers are capable of providing reliable air movement at varying pressures and volumes with consistent performance throughout the operating range of each model.

How vortex blower works

Vortex Blower are single units whose impellers are constructed with several vanes reminiscent of the larger but similar impellers found on stream turbines. When the impeller of a Vortex Blower turns, air between the vanes of the impeller is acted upon by centrifugal force and moves toward the periphery of the impeller.

From there, the air enters the annular chamber in the blower housing where it is directed back toward the base of the impeller vanes for recirculation in the same manner.

The circular flowing in combination with the revolution of the impeller causes air to follow a spiral path through Vortex Blower with the result that the air is under constant acceleration. The air consequently leaves the machine at a highly elevated energy state, ready to work.

Application: Vacumm

Vaccum Section (Negative Pressure)

Application: Pressure

Discharge Section (Positive Pressure)